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Decanting Pump

Decantation is a process for the Separation of mixtures by removing a layer of liquid, generally one from which a precipitate has Settled. A Mixture of an insoluble solid in liquid is allowed to Stand. If the solid is more dense than the liquid it will settle at the bottom. If kept undisturbed for some time.

The Decanting pumps ensure that only the supernatant water without any entrapment of solids.

The installed pump goes up and down with the liquid. It can suck clear water from between the sludge at the bottom and foam or floating debris at the surface. Once switched on it will start pumping if its inlet is in clear water. It will continue emptying the tank until a sensor warns of the water near the pump inlet becoming cloudy.

Material of construction

Pump : Casing – GG 20
Impeller – GG 20 / SS 420
Motor Body : SS 304
Motor Shaft : SS 420 / SS 431 Induction
Cable : Rubber Cable HO7RNF
Bearing : Shielded Ball Bearing / Journal
bearing for water filled motor
Motor : 2P, IP: 230V, 3P : 420V
Discharge Connection : Flange and Hose coupling.
Suction : With NRV (Spring Loaded)
Float : Fiber Reinforced Plastic Filled with PUF

The Decanting pump unit with light sensor (optional attachment) operates the pump ON and OFF independently.

It is the safest , Failure proof and trouble free operations of the pump. Light Sensor detect the surrounding and reflected light density variation and send the signal to control unit , to either ON or OFF the pump.

Control Panel

The Pump is activated through a Float switch from the Panel. Float switch is used

  • To control high water level and low water level.
  • Protection :
    • For single phase, High and low amphere control.
    • For three phase, single phase preventer with high load controller .
  • Voltage, current indicator and emergency switch to stop the operation – Optional.