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Submersible pump in multi-stage construction with radial or mixed flow impellers coupled with oil or water filled, single or three phase submersible motors. These pumps are very light weight and compact in size.These pumps can be installed with HDPE/UPVC/GI pipes. They are easy to arrange and dismantle. These pumps have low power consumption and designed for optimum efficiency .Less vibration and lower noise level due to dynamically balanced rotating parts .These are deigned to withstand voltage fluctuations.Non overloading power characteristics protect the motor. These pumps also find wide usage in continuous supply of water in farming

Construction Features
Motor Body Stainless Steel
Impeller Noryl/ss304
Diffuser Noryl/ss304
Shaft SS410/SS431
Thrust Bearing SS/Carbon Graphite
Middle Bearing Bronze/Carbon Graphite
Mounting Standard NEMA
Cooling Medium Water

Electrical Features
Voltage 200-240 Volts: 1Φ
Type of duty S1 (Continuous duty cycle)
Speed 2900 rpm
Cable 3Core flat/Round

Hydraulic Features
Pumping Medium Clean water free from solid and fibre free chemically and mechanically non-aggressive
Temperature < 35°C
pH 6.5 to 8.5
Specific Gravity 1.004 max
Range 0.5 HP – 5.0HP (0.37kW-3.7kW)
Head Range 6 – 303m
Discharge 600-21600 lph



  • Designed for wide voltage fluctuations
  • Rewindable motor portion
  • Easy maintenance
  • High operating efficiency
  • Dynamically Balanced Rotors & Impellers ensure long life
  • Water lubricated bearings
  • Smooth and Noiseless operations
  • Low friction carbon thrust bearing
  • Carbon thrust bearing for low voltage and quick start


Dimensional Drawing

Dimensional Details



*All dimensions are in mm

Performance Curve

Performance Table

S.No Model Motor Power HP/kW Pump stage Delivery (mm) Q (m3/h) 0 0.6 1.5 2.1 2.7 3.3 3.6 4.2 4.8
1 PSO408J 0.75/0.55 8 32 Head (m) Â Â Â 40 36 30 25 Â Â
2 PSO410B 1/0.75 10 32 Â Â 49 41 32 22 Â Â Â
3 PSOG10B 1/0.75 10 32 Â 68 62 55 45 30 22 Â Â

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